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Release Checklist

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Here is a simple checklist for resources you should work through to see if your resources are ready to be released as OER. You need to answer Yes to each of the questions. If you answer No at any point, you can find help on this wiki.


  1. Have you established the (copyright) owner(s) for all parts of the resource?
    1. Yes - continue to 2
    2. No - IPR Clearance
  2. Do they all agree to the resource being released as an OER?
    1. Yes - continue to 3
    2. No - cannot release until agreement is reached
  3. Have you all agreed on an open licence for the resource?
    1. Yes - continue to 4
    2. No - cannot release until agreement is reached
  4. Have you added licence information (as a logo or URL) to the resource so it can be seen by reusers?
    1. Yes - go to 5
    2. No - the licence needs to be clearly visible to reusers
  5. Have you made reasonable adjustments to make the resource accessible?
    1. Yes - continue to 6
    2. No - User Guide to OER
  6. Have you added metadata to the resource to help reusers find and identify it?
    1. Yes - continue to 7
    2. No - Adding Metadata to Resources
  7. Have you considered the size and format of the resource such that it is easy for the reuser to download (and repurpose, if permitted by the licence)
    1. Yes - go to 8
    2. No - Preparing, Packaging and Uploading
  8. Have you gone through a quality assurance step?
    1. Yes - continue to 9
    2. No -  Evaluation and Quality Assurance
  9. Have you uploaded it to a repository which is searched by Google (and other search engines) and anyone with internet access can download from?
    1. Yes - done!
    2. No - Release, Dissemination and Sustainability


A variation of this resource is available at http://www.slideshare.net/EngSC/5-final-checks-before-oer-release.


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